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Jacksonville NAACP Programs

These are the standing committees of the branch. Standing Committees must have at least three (3) appointed members. They shall report in writing each month to the Executive Committee at its regular meetings.


Afro-Academic , Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics

– Provides an instrument through which African-American youth are encouraged and inspired toward excellence in academic and cultural pursuits while benefiting from the maximum support of their communities

Armed Services & Veteran Affairs

– Seeks to establish a working relationship with those agencies in government, national, state and local, having the responsibility in the affairs of members of the various Armed Services and Veterans and to see that the programs to which they are responsible are administered fairly and justly to members of the minority community;

Communications, Press & Publicity

-Seeks to promote media content consistent with fundamental NAACP goals which include the elimination of racial isolation and fear and the furtherance of multiracial and cultural understanding, work to eliminate employment segregation and discrimination in those industries, seek to ensure Black minority ownership and control of print and electronic media – both hardware and software.

Community Coordination

– Enlists the support of other community organizations on issues affecting the interests of African Americans and other communities of color.



– Shall study the financial needs of the Unit and shall be responsible for drafting an adequate annual budget.


Criminal Justice

– Seeks to eliminate harsh and unfair sentencing practices that are responsible for mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system, support and seek to increase trust and public safety by advancing effective law enforcement practices, fight for the restoration of the voting rights of formerly incarcerated people and the removal of barriers to employment.

Economic Development

– Shall implement local efforts and support national programs to preserve and expand economic empowerment among African-Americans and other communities of color.



– Seeks to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education, study local educational conditions affecting minority groups, investigate the public school system and school zoning.

Freedom Fund

– The Freedom Fund Committee shall plan and conduct fund-raising activities, entertainment and other projects, for local and national purposes within the scope of the Association’s program.


Labor & Industry

– Seeks ways to improve the economic status of minority groups by: (1) working to eliminate discriminatory employment practices in industry and government, wage differentials based on race, unequal opportunities for training, promotion and unfair dismissals; (2) encouraging greater participation in the trade union movement; (3) working to end discriminatory practices in labor unions; (4) working for improved opportunities in vocational and apprenticeship training.


– Shall: (1) study housing conditions in the local community; (2) receive and seek to address complaints of discrimination; (3) oppose all restrictive practices whether public or private; and (4) disseminate information and render such other assistance which may eliminate discrimination in housing.



– Shall: (1) work to promote, protect and maintain the health of African Americans; (2) assess the health needs of the community; (3) advocate for equal access to health education, care, treatment and research for all Americans; (4) sponsor health-related activities such as health forums, fairs and workshops highlighting issues of importance to people of color.

Prison Branch

– Shall support the work of the Prison Branch in accordance with Article VIII, Section 6 (1- 11) by (1) working closely and directly with the members of their respective Prison Branch and the Regional Prison Coordinator; (2) maintain contacts with, and report regularly to the Regional Coordinators; (3) build, cultivate and maintain positive relationships between prison officials, Prison Branch members and members within the local Branch.

Legal Redress

– Shall: (1) investigate all cases reported to it; (2) supervise all litigation in which the Unit is interested; and (3) keep the National Office and the Branch informed on the progress of every case. It shall not give general legal advice.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, please click on the link below

Membership & Life Membership

– Shall: (1) work throughout the year to maintain and increase the membership of the Association; (2) be responsible for planning and organizing the annual membership campaign; (3) be responsible on a continuous basis for soliciting new members and for securing renewals; and (4) initiate all possible means to obtain Life Members and sponsor a continuing program towards this end.

Political Action

– Shall: (1) seek to increase registration and voting; (2) work for the enactment of municipal, state and federal legislation designed to improve the educational, political and economic status of minority groups.

Religious Affairs

– Shall include ministerial and lay religious leaders who are members of the Unit. It shall: (1) promote an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle; (2) interpret the work of the Association to organized religious groups of all faiths; (3) enlist the support of such organized religious groups for membership, fundraising, and the struggle for equality and full civil rights.


Women in the NAACP

– Shall address within the framework of the NAACP, civil rights issues affecting women and children and shall carry out other civil and cultural activities to enhance membership and provide financial support to the Branch.


Young Adult

– Shall consist of Branch members twenty-one (21) – forty (40) years of age. It shall be the function of the Committee to: (1) support all branch activities; (2) stimulate interest through advocacy training and solicit membership of twenty-one (21) – forty (40) years of age.

Youth Works

– The Youth Work Committee shall monitor the youth membership in the Branch.